Gamer Makes Gorgeous Ghost of Tsushima Mask Replica

An artist created a life-size replica of Jin Sakai’s mask from Ghost of Tsushima and shared it on social media. This creation is a real-life version of one of the most popular masks from Ghost of Tsushima and makes for the perfect decor for fans of this action-adventure game.

Throughout Jin Sakai’s adventures in Ghost of Tsushima, the former samurai gathers various pieces of equipment to increase his statistics and customize his appearance. Among those armor pieces are masks, vanity items that are purely cosmetic and grant no additional bonus. While some are inspired by the samurai masks from feudal Japan and are meant to scare Sakai’s opponents, others are simple kerchiefs made to hide the lower part of his face. Masks follow Sakai on his journey, as he regularly receives new ones as rewards for completing quests.

This replica is not Dynamic0570’s first creation inspired by popular video game franchises. This artist creates replicas and props from movies and games for a living, regularly sharing their creation on Reddit. Ghost of Tsushima fans complimented the artist on his mask replica, with some stating they would love to purchase this creation to display their love for the game. Eagle-eyed Reddit users noticed that the mouth part of the replica was closed instead of open, wondering if this was made on purpose.

While Sucker Punch Productions hasn’t yet shared any official news regarding whether a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima was in development, fans hope for more adventures set in feudal Japan. Several job postings for Sucker Punch hint at a new game set in the Ghost of Tsushima franchise, leading players to hope for an upcoming Ghost of Tsushima 2 announcement. The recent success of live-action movies and series inspired by video game franchises, such as Uncharted and The Last of Us, could also inspire Sony to adapt Ghost of Tsushima for the big screen.