Skyrim Fan Makes Impressive Real Life Daedric Dagger

A Skyrim fan makes an impressively realistic Daedric dagger, one of the strongest and most intricately designed weapons of its type in the game.

Skyrim fan has crafted an impressively realistic copy of the Daedric dagger. This item is craftable in-game by combining a Daedra Heart, Ebony Ingot, and Leather Strips at a forge. The Daedric dagger is the most powerful craftable weapon of its type in vanilla Skyrim, only bested by the Dragonbone dagger that is found in the "Dawnguard" expansion, although Skyrim players don't need actual weapons.

Skyrim is an exceptionally immersive game that many gamers are still enjoying over a decade since it was first released. The game itself has been re-released a handful of times with various facelifts and additions, with one version adding VR support for the most immersive experience yet. The fan community has spawned some amazing artistic creations, with one example being another real-life Skyrim dagger.

Regardless of how it was made, the real-life Daedric dagger could form part of an excellent Skyrim costume, or it could simply be a cool decorative piece for the avid fan. At least one commenter asked if Dynamic0570 sells them, though it is unknown whether the Reddit user is in the business of selling their work. Skyrim is considered one of the best games to build a second life in, but it seems that it's also one of the best games to bring into the real world.

As another example of how creative fans can be, a different Skyrim fan created some cute sweet-roll keycaps. One can only wonder what fans of the game will come up with next, as there are still unique creations being shared over a decade after the game's release. The Elder Scrolls 6 might still be a ways off, but some fans of the series are still enjoying Skyrim and don't seem to be in any particular hurry to play anything else until then. One can only hope that the next iteration of The Elder Scrolls series will keep players entertained for as long as Skyrim has.