Destiny 2 Player Showcases Self-Made and Extremely Accurate Thorn Replica

The Destiny community has proven to be full of artists and designers who have been able to bring pieces of the universe to life in striking detail, the latest being an accurate replica of one of Destiny 2's most infamous exotic hand cannons, Thorn. A quick search on the web can turn up plenty of striking recreations spanning the franchise's history, whether it be accurate cosplay of characters such as Crow and Eris Morn or replicas of other exotic weapons including The Last Word or Hawkmoon. However, no weapon available to guardians has as dark a history or reputation as the notorious Thorn, a reputation which now stretches to the real world.

Among the various exotic weapons at players' disposal inside Destiny 2, hand cannons are the most numerous with ten options available for players to grind for and bring into battle. Guns like The Last Word and Crimson give more mobile-minded players options to get the drop on enemies quickly while Hawkmoon and Eriana's Vow pack more punch and allow guardians to keep their distance. Thorn, and by extension Malfeasance, forgo the Light in favor of tapping into the power of the Darkness to give their wielders the advantage.

Thorn, specifically, has been an off-and-on favorite among the Destiny community depending on where the game's sandbox sits amid its constant flow of updates and patches. Reddit user Dynamic0570 decided to capture their love of the weapon in real-life with a self-made replica of the hand cannon which manages to capture every sharp line of the hand cannon. Dynamic shared the finished replica to the Destiny 2 subreddit, showcasing its accuracy and even functional ammo loader.

Within Destiny's lore, there are few weapons in guardians' arsenals which have the trail of bodies and destruction left in their wake like Thorn has left. The original version was wielded by a fallen guardian named Dredgen Yor, formerly known as Rezzyl Azzir, who fell to Darkness after an encounter with a Hive wizard and began killing guardians and non-lightbearers, alike, with his hand cannon, Rose, transforming it into the infamous Thorn. The original Thorn was ultimately lost after Yor's defeat and final death, with the version currently wielded by guardians being a replica itself, which only tapped into a fraction of the original weapon's supposed power.

It is fitting, then, that Thorn should receive such a detailed replica Dynamic0570 can now showcase on their mantle. It begs the question if Dynamic will see fit to test their skills with other eye-catching exotics, especially with hand cannons such as Crimson and Lumina offering more challenging designs.